My name is Clare McKnight. I am a mother of two children, now 27 & 24.  17 years ago, whilst trying to think of a different birthday party activity for my daughter, "Fun with Fimo" was born, it has developed over the years and has now become a very popular activity.
FUN WITH FIMO CLAY, is a wonderfully educational and creative activity which is aimed at children aged 6 years and over. (Although I do enjoy teaching adult groups from time to time as well.)

The sessions are fully supervised, non-messy and a lot of fun. they are taught in a controlled, step by step way, which allows everyone in a mixed ability group to be proud of their achievements. It  gives the children a sense of proportion and develops their hand eye coordination and use of colour. The items, jewellery, animals or photo frames to name but a few, can then simply be baked to harden in a home oven and kept as ornaments or given as gifts.

During term time, I run a Fun with Fimo after school club at two schools. Notting Hill and Ealing High school and St James in Olympia. I run regular themed whole day workshops during the school holidays and will also come to you for a birthday party session, the children are always so proud of what they have created, you can even avoid the need for party bags!!

I also demonstrate for Staedtler UK, who manufacture FIMO and love to show other people how to use this versatile and colourful product.

I hold a full CRB police check.

On the days that I am not teaching or  working on new projects, I love to spend time  on our two allotments nearby where I grow most of our vegetables and keep 26 chickens and 60,000+ bees !  I also enjoy, running with my Weimarana dog Gus  and have two Siamese cats Algie and Artie. Who are all a very popular with the visiting children. 

About Fimo Clay. Fimo Clay is a pliable, brightly coloured modelling clay. It can be shaped into beads, mosaics, jewellery pieces, sculptures or figures. It retains its shape while remaining soft and workable. It can be used over armatures such as foil or glasswear. It is strong and hard when baked. Surface treatments may be added, such as stamping or embossing when unbaked; or paint, buff or varnish after curing in the oven.*Oven-hardening modelling material (110°C) *Conforms to the European standard for the safety of toys (EN 71, part 5) *Suitable for adults and for children over the age of 5 under adult supervision (regarding hardening in the oven)©All images copyright of Clare Mcknight. 

Any use, reproduction or publication, including, but not limited to internet or other digital or print use of any image contained herein is a violation of copyright law and is strictly prohibited.
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